Life With Implants

Considering implants or dentures? Both are major life decisions that require time, money, and energy. So, if you decide to go through with an implants or dentures treatment, you want to have the best possible chance of success. At Same Day Dental, we use BioHorizons implants. BioHorizons reports over 99% success rate on implant procedures when proper care of the implant is maintained.

How to Prevent Failed Implants

At Same Day Dental, we promise expert care for your implant procedure. Once the procedure is completed, it's up to you to maintain the health of your implants. You can do this by following three simple care tips after your procedure: brush and floss regularly, get a professional implant cleaning, and prevent teeth grinding.

Get an Oral-B Genius when you complete your dentures or implant treatment

Brush and Floss

Brushing and flossing isn't just for real teeth! The health of the tissue around the site of your implant is crucial to the ability of the implant to fuse with the gum and jaw bone. Making an effort to keep your implant site clean by brushing and flossing regularly will ensure the health of your gums and help prevent gum disease.

Prevent Teeth Grinding

After an implant procedure, it takes time for the implant to fuse with your jaw and gums. This is a critical part of a successful implant treatment, and grinding your teeth can be detrimental to this process. That's why we recommend all of our implant patients use a night guard to protect teeth grinding while they sleep. This small effort goes a long way to help your implant successfully fuse with your jaw!

Professional Cleaning

Implants are different than regular teeth. It's important to visit Same Day Dental six months after your procedure to have a professional implant cleaning. During this appointment, we will make sure the implant is healthy and fusing with your jaw, and we'll thoroughly clean your implant site. Not to mention, at this appointment we'll give you a free high-tech Oral-B Genius toothbrush to improve your home care! 

At Same Day Dental, it's our priority to make sure your implant treatment is successful. If you have questions about your implants or your eligibility for an implant treatment, schedule a consultation or email us at