Cosmetic Dentistry

Make your smile the best and brightest it can be.

Happy man smiling with white teeth


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Teeth get stained from many things, including common beverages like coffee and red wine. Remove years of stains with teeth whitening. Our take-home whitening kits use professional-strength gel and custom-fitted whitening trays to give you the results you want in your own home. You’ll have a brighter smile in just two weeks!


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Veneers are a thin shell of high-quality porcelain that are bonded to the front side of your teeth to improve their size, color and shape. It is a fast and effective way to transform your smile by masking chipped, crooked or stained teeth. Known to provide patients with a stunning transformation, this cosmetic dentistry option can give you a straighter, whiter smile in no time.


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Composite fillings aren't just for restorative care. Older silver fillings can become worn down, leading to tooth discoloration. Replacing an old filling with a composite filling will help boost your smile. Composite fillings look more natural and last longer than silver fillings.

You may need cosmetic care if...

Teeth brightening icon

You want a brighter smile

Do you have a hard time keeping your smile white? Consider cosmetic care to bring out the best, brightest smile possible.

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You need stronger whitening

Does over-the-counter whitening not work for you? Professional grade teeth whitening may be what you're looking for.

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You have old fillings

Do you have silver fillings that are showing wear or discolor? A more modern composite filling is a perfect replacement.

No insurance? No problem.

We made dental care affordable without insurance. With Same Day Dental's membership, qualifying patients get a cleaning, exam, and x-ray for at low as $149. Ask us about it.

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