7 Possible Side Effects of a Tooth Filling

A filling is a great way to make a damaged tooth look and function as it did before it was damaged. Your dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth, cleans it, and fills it in with one of the possible filling materials. Not only does filling it in restore the tooth but it prevents decay by plugging the space where bacteria can get in. 

What Types of Tooth Fillings Are There?

Are There Any Risks?

There are two main risks to getting fillings: infection and damage. Sometimes when you get a filling, it can pull away from the tooth which leaves a small space open. This space is an area where bacteria can get in and cause more tooth decay and infection. Cavity fillings can also break or fall out completely. The fillings can become damaged from things like being hit in the mouth or even just biting on something hard. These can both cause mouth issues and should be treated as soon as it is noticed.




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