Are You Spending Too Much at the Dentist?

Dental health is very important to maintain. If you don’t take care of your mouth, you could encounter issues like gum disease, bad breath, tooth decay or loss, or even more serious health issues like heart disease or stroke. However, sometimes the cost can be intimidating

What Should you be Paying?

Different procedures have different costs. For people without insurance, routine dental services can cost anywhere from $12 for a single x-ray to over $200 for a cleaning. Emergency or specific dental procedures can cost even more. Insurance can cut these costs in half, or in some cases even cover them in full, it varies by plan and procedure.

How Much Do Services Cost With Insurance?

Different insurance plans cover different amounts of the cost for dental services. Below are average prices of common dental services in the United States with Insurance, as well as the specific DentaQuest prices.

How Much Do Services Cost Without Insurance?

The cost of dental services vary by where you live and by practice, below are the average prices of common dental services across the United States as a whole. 

What To Do If You Don’t Have Insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, paying for the work you have done can be costly, and may even cause you to avoid the dentist altogether. However, there are alternative discount plans that can help you keep costs low and pursue better dental hygiene.

One really cost-effective plan you can opt into is DentaMember. You can use this plan at Same Day Dental to save on common procedures. See below for an example of how much DentaMember could save you! Note: This is not an insurance plan.


Cost Helper


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