Dental Emergencies With No Insurance

2 in 5 Americans don’t have dental insurance. With high unemployment rates right now, those numbers have likely increased as more people continue to lose their primary access to healthcare.

So what happens if you have a dental emergency and you don’t have insurance? 

Fortunately, you have several options to get the care you need in a dental emergency, even when you don't have active dental insurance.

  1. Make sure you're not covered under another policy
  2. Look for a dental membership
  3. Ask about payment plans
  4. Dental schools and free dental clinics

Make sure you're not covered

You may be eligible for coverage under a spouse's or parent's policy and not realize it. Or, if you have Indiana Medicaid, verify if your Medicaid or Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP) comes with dental coverage. At Same Day Dental, we are in-network with Medicaid and HIP, as long as it provides dental coverage.

Look for a dental membership

Dental memberships are becoming increasingly popular among people who don't have dental insurance but want to visit the dentist.

A dental membership is a way for a dentist to offer a lower Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR) fee to patients that don't have insurance. It isn't insurance (no one will reimburse you for your dental expenses) but it can really help bring down the costs of common emergency dental procedures, like an exam or a tooth extraction, for example.

For example, at Same Day Dental, our popular dental membership plan can help you save up to 50% on your dental treatments. Not only does it help reduce the cost of an emergency visit, but it also helps make regular dental care more affordable.

Ask about payment plans

Many dentists offer payment plans specifically designed for people without insurance or who are underinsured. 

If your emergency dentist doesn’t offer payment plans, see if you can finance the treatment you need. No-fee financing exists for such situations, and can be an affordable alternative to making a large lump sum payment (especially if that is not an option for you).

As Same Day Dental, we work with CareCredit to help offer affordable payment options to our patients.

Dental schools and free dental clinics

If your emergency can wait until you can schedule an appointment, dental students at many school-affiliated clinics can provide low-cost treatment under the direction of a senior dentist. This option may give you a longer appointment time, but can save you money if you're willing to wait and work with a dentist-in-training.

In some areas, non-profit dental clinics exist to provide free or at-cost dental care to those who cannot afford another option. Sometimes  dentists and hygienists volunteer their services to clinics run by dental charities that may be able to provide services free of charge to patients who meet their criteria. 

Getting emergency help without dental insurance

Not having dental insurance doesn't mean you can't see a dentist! 

If you are experiencing dental pain, it's best to seek help as soon as possible to make sure you address the problem before it gets worse.

At Same Day Dental, we have several convenient Indianapolis area locations that offer options like dental memberships and flexible financing for patients without insurance.

What do do if you don't have dental insurance
Not having dental insurance doesn’t mean you can’t see a dentist! There are many affordable dentists that can make it possible for you to get cleanings, preventative care and tips on care. Almost always, preventative care can stop small dental issues from becoming larger problems that can affect your overall health.

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