What To Do For Weekend Dental Emergencies

Oh no. It’s Sunday afternoon and you’re in the worst dental pain of your life. You knew that game of flag football Saturday night was a bad idea, especially when you took that hit and suddenly your tooth felt a little loose. You’re in so much pain that the thought of waiting until your dentist is available is unbearable. 

What do you do in Indianapolis if you have a dental emergency on the weekend? 

First, decide if it’s really a dental emergency. Certain conditions can be treated later, but if you’re in a lot of pain or bleeding, don’t wait.

Here are some examples of dental emergencies:

Second, try to stay calm. It is natural to get anxious or scared, but panic can trigger a number of responses that may make your emergency worse. 

Most dentists have an emergency nights and weekends number if you’re experiencing any of these problems. If you are unable to reach your regular dentist or if you need to get your problem addressed immediately, find a 24 hour emergency dental clinic that you can call (or one that accepts walk-ins).

Lastly, don’t forget that fast treatment has the potential for more than just pain relief. For example: swelling due to an abcess or infection can be serious or even life-threatening and treatment should not wait. 

Don’t live with oral pain. If you have a toothache or injury over the weekend, come in or call us at the location nearest you right away and tell us what’s happening. Whether it’s Friday night or Sunday morning, one of our expert dentists will examine your emergency to treat it appropriately.

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